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    Ally and Jake put true love to the test in this "funny and sensitive" conclusion to the He's So/She's So trilogy that's filled "with depth and wit" (Kirkus Reviews). This Is So Not Happening august. So Jake Graydon and Ally Ryan are officially together? Bummer. Oh, please. I bet he cheats on her before. This Is So Not Happening book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After their long summer apart, Ally and Jake were hoping. .

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    This Is So Not Happening Kieran Scott Pdf

    Search. He's So Not Worth It ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Pretty Fierce ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kieran Scott. Pretty Fierce. Kieran Scott Format: ePub, PDF. List Price: $ Our This Is So Not Happening. Kieran Scott. This Is So Not Happening ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kieran Scott · This Is So Not Happening. Kieran Scott. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Kieran Scott is the author of the True Love series, including Only Everything, Complete Everything, and Something True; and the Non-Blonde Cheerleader.

    She resides in New Jersey with her family. Oh, please. I bet he cheats on her before homeroom tomorrow. You think? You have no precedent on which to base your hypothesis. Since when did you start speaking Thesaurus? Well, whatevs. I promise you. He touched the blood on his lip with his fingertips and flicked it away just as Hammond Ross grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled his monster-size fist back again. He stumbled back, surprised, and I took the two-second reprieve to whirl on my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Jake. He was finally my boyfriend. So much for that. He somehow looked scared and ashamed and apologetic at once.

    The last installment in the SSDTU series is filled with drama, intrigue and so much surprise that will knock you off your feet. It's a whirlwind of events that will make you crazy with drama, anger, frustration, giddyness and all your emotions will be flying off. Despite all that, I didn't like it. Here is a thorough explanation.

    He's So/She's So Series

    It's not that it After reading the whole trilogy, I could probably sum up my whole conclusion in two sentences. It's not that it was bad. Infact, the writing was good enough to keep your eyes glued to the pages. Sad to say though, the series has gone downhill. It had a premise of an absolutely great twist to their story, where all the tension and drama just oozes. Unfortunately though, it was not executed well. The characters have gone from slightly annoying to absolutely annoying that they need a suckerpunch.

    He doesn't even consider Aly's feelings. I would have considered this and the ending if he would have proven himself worthy of her. But no, how he made up for everything wasn't enough.

    There was something lacking. An explanation as to why he was an ass the whole time, maybe? I did not even consider the making up part a real one, and the apology didn't seem genuine.

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    Image not available Photos not available for this variation. After suffering intense humiliation at the hands of her almost-boyfriend and being blindsided by the reappearance of her estranged father, Ally Ryan is relieved to escape to the Jersey Shore.

    The farther away from Jake, the better. And if blowing off steam means getting cozy with Cooper, a Jersey local, that's just fine with Ally. Meanwhile, Jake is stuck in Orchard Hill, grounded for the summer due to bad grades and working at the town coffee shopwhere Ally's father is the new manager. Faced with a daily reminder of the girl he did wrong, will Jake rally and change his ways?

    Or will he give up the chase when he sees Ally with her new fling and realizes she's moved on? After their long summer apart, Ally and Jake were hoping for a drama free senior year. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like things will work out that way It turns out that Chloe is pregnant and says that Jake is the father. Hammond is pissed at his best friend, but mostly can't believe that Ally would stay with Jake.

    But Ally is tired of being apart from Jake and is willing to make it work. But that is easier said than done when Jake starts blowing Ally off to go to doctor's appointments with Chloe and Ally joins the school play and meets a new cute guy.

    But as graduation approaches, things get more complicated as new secrets come out and Ally realizes maybe Jake isn't the guy she thought he was. After everything they've been through can Ally and Jake get out of Orchard Hill with their relationship in tact? I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, gonna, get? Lulu always gets what she wants. Until now. When she asks for a pet brontosaurus as her birthday present, for the first time ever her parents say 'No!

    Taking matters into her own hands, Lulu storms off into the forest. After a few fierce encounters with meddlesome creatures, she finally finds hima beautiful, long-necked, graceful brontosaurus. Could Lulu have met her match? Beloved children's author Judith Viorst and Caldecott-winning illustrator Lane Smith offer an irresistibly fresh and funny story with an ending full of surprises! After their long summer apart, Ally and Jake were hoping for a drama-free senior year.

    Instead they are faced with a turn of events that threaten to tear them apart Hammond is pissed at his best friend, and he cannot believe that Ally would stay with Jake.

    But Ally's willingness to make it work is tested when Jake starts blowing her off to go to doctor's appointments with Chloe, and Ally joins the school play--and meets a cute guy.

    As graduation approaches, new secrets come out and Ally realizes maybe Jake isn't the guy she thought he was. After everything they've been through, can Ally and Jake get out of Orchard Hill with their relationship intact? Diane F.

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    The crickets were so loud back here it was like they were assaulting my brain. I tried to wring some of the water out of my shorts, but all I managed to do was wrinkle them. There were thousands of them. I wondered if there were any other planets out there with alien people on them, looking up at me. If only I could be wherever they were instead of here. I heard a door click and slide open, and I squinted.

    I jogged over and slipped past her, stepping inside a small room with dozens of shelves, a work desk, and boxes piled everywhere. My mom and Quinn are in the theater having a wedding-movie marathon. Quinn was his hot, but kind of annoying, daughter.

    I remembered everything she ever told me. Because I was in love with her. I just hoped she was still in love with me. Finally she broke eye contact. She held up a hand to stop me and listened for a second.

    Then she turned, tiptoed through the kitchen, and raced up the back stairs.

    He's So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott - Read Online

    I followed her quickly, my heart pounding. What happened? She hugged herself hard. Ally swallowed. I almost actually knelt at her feet to get into her line of vision, but stopped myself. But then I remembered what Chloe had told me. That no one could know about Will.

    She got up, forcing me backward, and walked toward her desk. Why her? What if I told you I slept with Hammond? She flinched. Of him getting to see her naked. Thank God. The images of her and Hammond started to fade. But Ally would never be able to. Because what happened between me and Chloe … it had happened. This had to be the worst night of my life, hands down. I mean, what was I being accused of?

    Having a life before I met her? You get to walk around knowing that no guy has ever gotten past third base with your girlfriend, while I get to imagine you screwing every hot girl who struts by in the hall.

    So hurt and so small. There was something breaking inside of me. Part of me wanted to beg her not to leave me. How pathetic is that? I loved her. And the idea that I could have messed it up so bad made me want to throw myself out the window. And part of me needed her.

    Part of me realized that there was no way in hell I was going to get through this without her. How was I supposed to deal with Chloe? With Hammond? With mine? With a baby? And pretty much the only person who cared about me. Or she did. Before tonight. Most of the summer I had been without her, and every day had sucked worse than the one before. I walked around the end of the bed and over to her.

    I almost died of relief when she let me touch her. I never loved her. It meant nothing. At her feet in her favorite Converse. I really did want to die. Come on.

    Kieran Scott

    My hand dropped. I needed more. So I leaned in to kiss her, but she turned her head. My lips bumped her cheek. Then something Chloe had said suddenly hit me and, as much as it sucked, I had to turn back. I kept hearing my own voice cheering for her in the background as the ball sunk through the hoop, and I wanted to climb up the bleachers and punch that guy—that guy I used to be.

    He was such a clueless idiot, living in his own clueless idiot bubble. I wanted to punch him in the face and maybe weld his zipper shut, too.

    A baby. Chloe pregnant. How was I supposed to be a father? What was I going to do, quit school and work at Jump, Java, and Wail!

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    A wave of cold terror went through me at the thought. But wait. I might not even have to be a father. Chloe could have an abortion.

    Or she could put the baby up for adoption, right? My eyes squeezed closed. What was wrong with me? More cheers from the computer. I pressed my lips together and stopped breathing. Ally and I had worked on the website over the past couple of weeks, uploading videos of her playing basketball so scouts and coaches could check her out.

    My dad had gotten some guy at his office to throw it together for me with clips of soccer games, swim meets, and lacrosse matches. So, like, trivial. Not Fordham, where my parents wanted me to go, not Rutgers, where the lacrosse team was calling my name, not to any of the zillions of schools constantly sending e-mails and catalogs and letters. The dream of getting out of here, away from my family, being free to do whatever the hell I wanted? It would all be over.

    Just like that. In his room next door, my brother, Jonah, laughed, talking on the phone with one of his friends. For the first time in my life I wished I was him. Nothing to worry about except whether or not he was gonna make the varsity team this year.

    I slung my arm over my eyes in the dark, blocking out the colors from the video that reflected on the ceiling. Squeezing my eyes shut as hard as I could, I went back to that night.

    That night with Chloe. Why had I gone? Why, why, why? Because of Will. But why? Not the way I liked Ally. Why did I give a crap that Will had been over there in the middle of the night? I bit down on my tongue because I knew the answer and it sucked.

    And it pissed me off that I was wrong. That apparently she had a thing for Will and not me. To prove that she actually did want me. I flung my arm out, punching the floor so hard I saw stars. My teeth ground into my lip as I bit back tears. There was no way I was going to cry. I was not going to cry over the fact that I was an ego-crazed asshole with no self-control.

    I would not I would not I would not. I pushed the heels of my hands into my eyes and saw myself rushing down the stairs and out the front door that night. I saw myself cross the street and creep through the rose garden. Within thirty seconds I was kissing her and within three minutes we were on the bed and within ten minutes it was over.

    And now I was completely and utterly screwed. For life. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

    After their long summer apart, Ally and Jake were hoping for a drama-free senior year. Instead they are faced with a turn of events that threaten to tear them apart It turns out that Chloe is pregnant and says that Jake is the father. Hammond is pissed at his best friend, and he cannot believe that Ally would stay with Jake. Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add both to Cart Add both to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

    Show details. download the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by allnewbooks. Ships from and sold by site. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Kieran Scott. Read more. Product details Age Range: HLL What's this? English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers.

    Write a customer review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. I don't know about how this books were for others, but this was not my favorite book out of the entire series and I really did love the first two. Spoiler down below!

    Read at your own risk! Ally's and Jake's relationship hits a major roadblock when it was revealed that Chloe was pregnant with Jake's child. The fact that Ally stayed with Jake despite the fact that he slept with Chloe is a true testament as to how Ally loves Jake, especially since Jake was treating her quite badly in this book if you've read the book, you'll see it--if you haven't, you'll understand the second you read it.

    He was rude, obnoxious, conceited, and only thought of himself. How did Ally stick with Jake, especially when Lincoln the "cute guy" she met in the school play was so sweet to her? His character was the complete opposite of Jake, and was the guy that Ally needed after everything Jake put her through. The girls in the novel: